Monday, February 27, 2012

My weight loss strategy

As the New Year begins people make the resolution to lose weight! This is a resolution that I myself have committed to. I have found several products from The Wellness Company that are helping me with my weight loss goal. I am using these great products to help with my workout routine.

 Attain® with Crave Blocker® Shake —Milk Chocolate
~ Naturally reduces hunger cravings with patent pending Crave Blocker®

~ Blocks cravings by naturally suppressing the hunger signals that come from your stomach and your brain

~ Contains no caffeine, other stimulants or hormones

I use this as a start to my day. Breakfast is hard becaus i'm always on the go so i take this with me.
Access® Exercise Bars – Chocolate Coconut Kraze
~ Access stored body fat faster

~ Increase endurance with less fatigue and soreness

Tastes better than any protein bar i have ever tired. I have so much energy when i use these that my workouts are easier. I feel more energized after my workouts thanks to the kraze bars.

SplasH2O™ - Raspberry
~ A sugar-free, zero-calorie drink mix that’s deliciously light and refreshing

~ A healthy alternative to high-calorie, high-sugar drinks like juice and soda

I love the flavors of this drink ! It is much better than other sports drinks.

I use these products for my everyday eating routine. The whole grains help keep me full and I do less snacking.

Simply Fit™ Crackers —Harvest Grain

~Satisfies your snack attack with a smarter choice

~ Made with 10 whole grains and seeds

~ Made with organic ingredients

Simply Fit™ Microwave Popcorn – Natural Butter 

~ Fresh and delicious gourmet flavor

~ 24 grams of whole grains per serving

~ 100% organic certified

Overall I love these products! They are made from whole grains or are organic. I am trying to also eat healthier and these taste great and are good for you. I have not found one that I haven’t enjoyed.

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